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Whether you’re looking to join as an experienced Engineer or join our Academy Programme you’ve got the chance to change it up.

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Trainee Customer Field Engineer Academy

CityFibre is building a team of Customer Field Engineers, made for anyone, no qualifications required, just the want to make a real difference. We’re looking for people who care about connections so if you thrive in customer-facing roles then the Academy is the place for you! Maybe you’ve worked in hospitality, retail or customer care? By joining our 6-month Academy programme, you can grow an incredible career out of all the skills you’ve been building. You’ll be carrying out activities across our network, working face-to-face with our customers to fix faults and correct errors that may otherwise prevent a successful connection. So if you’re early in your career, or just looking for a change, join the academy and help bring Britain into the data age.

Skills and experience

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Experienced Customer Field Engineers

CityFibre is looking to add experienced Customer Field Engineers to a brand-new team shaping Britain’s digital future. Your communication skills and desire to help people are just as crucial as your experience in the installation and maintenance of fibre networks for residential and business properties. You’ll be carrying out field activities across our network, working face-to-face with our customers to fix faults and correct errors that may otherwise prevent their completion. This role is perfect for anyone looking to take their career to the next level and make a mark in a growing industry.

Skills and experience

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“This role is all about connecting the nation to our state-of-the-art fibre optic network, so each household and family can truly live their life in full flow in this digital age! We are building a national team of multiskilled ninjas in the field who are obsessed about doing all we can to get customers connected on the day we promise to. Picture the phone buzzes and you and your team mate jump in the car to save the day with grateful public who see you off with a big smile and applause – that’d be pretty close. We welcome experienced field engineer, but we will also be pleased to take you on without prior experience, if you are as passionate as we are about our customers. Join us, to switch on Britain!”

Elsa Chen, Chief Customer Officer.
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The Academy training programme

When you join us as an Academy Customer Field Engineer, you’ll participate in our six-month immersive training programme. Starting with the basics utilised in your role, we’ll build your knowledge in stages, helping you to understand the processes we follow and how your role fits into CityFibre.

As a heads up – you’ll spend the first few weeks of the programme at our central training location in St Helens, followed by in-field training where you’ll be paired with a ‘buddy’ in your local area. Don’t worry, when you visit St Helens for your training, we will provide accommodation.

So, what will your first 10 weeks look like?

  • Week 1

    Welcome to CityFibre! You’ll learn all about who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going next. We want you to feel part of the journey we’re on and the CityFibre Family. Safety is very important to us so we’ll cover safety essentials along the way too.

  • Week 2

    There’ll be a lot more on safety during week 2. We’ll cover how to drill safely and identify hidden hazards, as well as which brackets and fixings to use. We’ll also introduce you to underground and overhead safety, not to forget the safe use of ladders for working at heights.

  • Week 3

    We’re sending you back to your operational region this week. We’ve got lots more to show you, but we recognise you can only take in so much! So, it’s back to the region where you’ll team up with colleagues and buddy to develop your skills on the job.

  • Week 4

    This week is all about ducts and cables. We’ll show you how to install aerial cables and how to use Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) to do so. Underground you’ll need to be able to install ducts and cables and we’ll show you how to do that too!

  • Week 5

    Back to your region again to work alongside your colleagues. This is the perfect opportunity to start putting what you know into practice. You’ll be surprised how much you know and can do already!

  • Week 6

    More tools of the trade this week. We’ll cover the safe use of Abrasive Wheels and the installation of Blown Fibre Tubing (BFT), including how to use and maintain Air Compressors. Finally, we’ll cover all the cabling techniques and practices you’ll need.

  • Week 7

    By now you’ll have all the abbreviations memorised, ready to use with your colleagues back in your regions. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions and practice your skills.

  • Week 8

    Now onto the mucky stuff. To complete an installation, you may need to undertake minor street works. So, this week we’ll cover how to locate and avoid other services, excavation procedures and reinstatement of the full range of surface types. You’re in for a treat!

  • Week 9

    You back on the job now, with the experience and fun of your colleagues. We’ve covered all the off the job training so it’s now about developing your skills through experience and with the support of your mentors.

  • Week 10

    Second week in a row you’re with your colleagues, time to start getting used to your routine. You’ll have an assessment to check how you’re getting on and ensure you’re getting the support you need to be the best Field Installation Engineer you can be!

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The training programme lasts approximately six months.